Back to Basics - Quilter's Knot (Right-handed)

Today I would like to show you a step by step tutorial on the Quilter's Knot. I was taught this by my friend, Carol, as she taught me to hand quilt. It's a really easy knot that once mastered, you can do in a fraction of a second! This knot also has some great benefits to it that I'll go over after the tutorial.

* Please note these are the right-handed instructions. I know several people that are left-handed and can have a hard time trying to learn in the opposite direction. I have taken that into account and will be featuring a separate tutorial specifically for left-handed instructions.
 Step 1: Thread the needle, then hold the needle and the end of the thread towards each other, needle in your RIGHT hand.
 Step 2: Hold the end of the thread with the needle in your RIGHT hand.
 Step 3: Twist the thread around the needle a few times (more on this step at the end).
 Step 4: Hold the twisted thread against your LEFT finger and spin the thread (roll the needle along your finger) so there's no tail on the twisted thread.
 Step 5: Grasp the twist of the thread between your 1st finger and thumb of your LEFT hand.
 Step 6: Guide the needle through the thread twist, pulling on the needle with your RIGHT hand. Do not grasp the thread twist so much you can't pull the needle through, but have a firm grasp so you don't loose the thread twist either.
 Step 7: Continue to grasp the thread twist and firmly pull the needle with your RIGHT hand.
 Step 8: Pull taught until you can feel the knot form in your LEFT hand.
Step 9: You should have a nice knot!!!

This knot is very beneficial due to how it is made, with any pull against it will only strengthen the knot. This makes it wonderful for any aspect of quilting including embroidery, piecing, binding, etc.

Depending on the size of thread you are using, you may want to test the amount of times you circle the needle to get the appropriate size knot. Typically with Pearl Cotton I only twist once or twice around the needle where as Cotton Threads I may have 4 or 5 twists to get the right size knot.

There are several ways to knot your thread, but this seems the most simple and effective to me. I used to try other similar methods, but typically you would end up with a nice little rats nest at the end of the thread rather than a simple knot.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask, but try this knot out and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it like I did!

I am planning on doing a video tutorial on this as well in the near future, I just need a cameraman since both of my hands are a bit busy... I will post it soon and it might take some of the mystery out of this knot as well.

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  1. Very good. I am a Scout Leader (my other hobby other then quilting, oh and playing video games but hey i digress) in scouts we teach the boys to whip a rope. We do almost this same not. Before reading this would never have thought to do the same thing on a quilt but it makes great sense. It is true the tighter you pull the tighter the not it will never come out.



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