Pantry Stir-Fry Recipe :]

Okie dokie - so Momma and I are doing the 17 Day Diet... So far so good (until Amish country that is) My will power is strong, but not THAT strong. And I wasn' t that bad... only a burger and some pasta... but it was worth it and now we're back onto the diet!!!

(I am not being paid to say anything about this diet program, but it's working for me and I know several others trying it out at the same time) Which brings me to the recipe - almost.

So, I'm on this diet. I can have all sorts of veggies and wonderfulness - but I have to limit the condiments and fats used... No butter, no starches, no flavor packets that have the 1st ingredient as corn starch, nada. So, I had to reinvent some of my usual recipes and I think I hit a home run with this one... Trust me!

I love condiments. I really do. We have a cabinet and a half that is nothing but BBQ sauces, salad dressings, A-1 varieties, mustards, ketchups - you get the idea... So I took those things I have on hand and twisted them into a sauce for Stir-Fry.

Pantry Stir-Fry
* 2 Chicken Breasts Cubed - Raw (or you can substitute your favorite meat here)
* Assorted Stir Fry Veggies - either fresh, frozen or both!
(I used 3 bell peppers, 1 each of green, orange and red, 1 onion, and frozen broccoli - but this is where the pantry comes in, use what you have on hand or what you prefer)
* 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
* Minced Garlic
* Yellow Mustard
* Lite Soy Sauce (or Stir Fry Sauce - again whatever you have on hand)
* Chinese Spices (I use a small squirt of Sriracha but if you have Chinese 5 Spice that would work too!)

* Also a small note - this is super quick so it makes a great fast dinner!!! Let's get started:

Alright, cut up your veggies if need be and set aside. I usually cut them into thin strips (think fajitas).

Cut up the chicken (or other meat) into bite size cubes.

Heat the oil on high in a skillet and cook the chicken until cooked through.

Add the vegetables starting with frozen first (if any) then add the fresh veggies next keeping the heat on high. You're going to basically flash cook the veggies so they're still crunchy.

At this point take the pan off the heat and add in the garlic - I add a huge scoop but if you prefer less garlic, add about a tablespoon, add a small amount of lite soy sauce (enough to color the meat - about half a tablespoon), squirt some yellow mustard over the top (about a half tablespoon) and a small pinch of Sriracha or other spices to add in the Chinese flavors.

* I have absolutely no precise measurements here - I learned from my Grandma Safick everything tastes better with a pinch of this, a squirt of that - but depending on your tastes you can add or remove some of the ingredients to your liking...

Mix it all up until all incorporated and serve warm. This makes about 4 decent sized meals in our house - but it's sooo yummy it sometimes only works out to 3 after seconds and nibbling... :]

Now, since there's no starches in here the sauce may be a bit runny - if you add in starchy vegetables it will help to thicken the sauce if that's what you prefer, but a little thickening flour or corn starch should do the trick too.

I started making this a few weeks ago and came across it by accident - I started cooking the chicken (which cooks quick) and then threw in the veggies (which cook quick) and realized I had no sauce planned so I opened the fridge and grabbed what I thought made sense... And I LOVED IT!!! I have made this at least once a week since then if not more than that... Oh, and I just thought it might be good with Shrimp or Pork - or a mixture for that matter. House Stir-Fry at home!

I hope you like it and next time I make it I'll add pictures. I thought of posting this recipe AFTER I devoured the serving I set aside for lunch today... Sorry!

I'm still reinventing some recipes to fit in within the parameters of my diet and I have to say it's been easier than I thought it would be - just not in Amish Country...ooops.

Well, let me know what you think of this recipe and if you have any other healthier recipes you would recommend! I'll be back soon with more details from my latest trip to Shipshewana!!!

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