Machine Quilting: Rustic Buzzsaw

Betty brought me this quilt to finish for her and I couldn't wait to get started. Problem was, I didn't know what I wanted to quilt on it!
 I was trying to come up with a plan to accent the harsh angles and utilize the opposite colors in the blocks, but everything I tried just looked too too. Everything was too much or too bold or too something. So finally I took a step back and looked at it again and the answer was so simple - don't play up the angles, downplay it. Don't make opposing blocks, make them compatible with an allover design that softens the appearance of the quilt but still gives it a rustic appearance.
A nice medium brown thread and these amazing swirls were the answer and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Some days my mind is my own worst enemy and I try to overthink some quilting plans when the answer was so simple all along!

Thanks, Betty! As usual I always enjoy working on your quilts!

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  1. Nice choice on the quilting! I always have the hardest time seeing an all-over quilting pattern on any quilt...even the really busy ones that don't show the custom quilting!! I just did one last week that I did an all-over pattern on (for a 4-year-old), but I kept seeing cool custom quilting patterns that would look so awesome! It was hard and boring to do the all-over pattern! I wish I had a computer to do the E2E quilting!!! Love the way your quilting contrasts with the piecing - totally complement each other!


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