Holy Crud

I'm here! Really I am!

Holy cow, I don't know where the last month went! It's like I blinked and wham - it's almost Thanksgiving.

Things have been good here, just extremely busy (which is a good thing) and I honestly just didn't have the time or energy to post on the blog and come up with something witty when I could barely keep my eyes open myself.

I'm still quilting like crazy and working on new things all the time, just not sewing... Maura is scared to death of my sewing machine. And the vacuum. Long arm machine - fine. Hair dryer - fine. Bobbin winder - fine. I sew just a few inches and she's bawling hysterically and screaming. Best Ben and I can think is there's some tone it emits that bothers her ears? Either that or she's not so subtly telling me that I need to clean my machine...

I will be posting more quilt pictures as I can (cross your fingers for good naps and restful nights with a still teething baby with no teeth to show for the troubles), oh and I have some fun opportunities for you too!

Chat soon! -Rebecca

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