Machine Quilting: OH - IO!!!

Let me hear it! OH! IO! GO Bucks! Sorry, it's an Ohio thing and if you don't like the Buckeyes, than oh well. Hahahaha. Just kidding. But it's just one quilt...
 Bobette made this Buckeye quilt and it was spectacular! I can tell you she didn't have a pattern, she drafted it on her own so let's just get that out of the way before I get a ton of emails asking for the pattern.
 This quilt was actually going to an OSU student so Bobette wanted it special but not custom. We came up with the plan for two different fillers to just keep it simple. The cross hatching worked well to fill the O and the gray areas, plus this is for a guy... no flowers and frills on this quilt.
 The red diagonal lines and the outer border both got these double bubbles that just so happen to look like buckeyes. Happy coincidence? I think not.
 Here you can see the double bubble or buckeye quilting better. It was such an obvious choice for the quilting, I think I know what to do on every OSU quilt that shows up at my door.
And like the quilt wasn't cool enough, Bobette pieced the back to look like the OSU football helmets... Overachiever I tell ya. She has such a knack for these little details that go a long way with her quilts!

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