Machine Quilting: Applique Pooches

Anne brought me this quilt she made to donate for a local shelter's annual raffle. I was so excited to work on it and put a little sparkle in it to bring in as much for the shelter as possible.
 Each little block had it's very own dog with it's own personality which made it fun for me to come up with the background for each block.
 Some blocks I just followed the fabric, there's no sense to compete designs between the quilting and the fabrics. Other blocks just needed a fun filler.
 Anne embroidered a name for each dog too and I'm particularly fond of the little Chihuahua named after our little Paco. I miss him so much, but it's nice to see these memories. Anne also named one of the pups after her own Sam who is the biggest puppy I've ever met!
This quilt was so much fun! Thanks, Anne! It's always so much fun to work on your quilts!

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  1. Fun quilt! As usual your quilting sets the whole quilt into a delight!


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