Happy Birthday to me! (AND YOU!!!)

Thank you all who sent me quilts for the long arming sale! I am busy hibernating and working my magic over here, but still managed to get a sunburn somehow... Well, Maura (my baby), Rosie (the dog) and I go for a walk every morning so we get a little outdoor time, but I got fried at a local Tall Ships Festival this weekend. It was worth it.

Do you ever have one of those great ideas like getting a new computer that makes you think life will be so much easier - and then it's not??? Well, transferring the info from one computer to another was quite challenging because no matter what, not everything would switch each time and not the same info would transfer each time. So frustrating. Once we got that all established then I found out the two programs I use the most "aren't compatible" with the new operating system so I had to upgrade those too and I'm still trying to figure this new computer out.

So that's why there's no pictures in this post. I haven't gotten that far just yet. I'm working on it but quilting is more fun than sitting at a computer all day. You can't blame me there.

So what's this Happy Birthday stuff? Well, to keep the celebration going and as a thank you to all the awesome supporters that allow me to call this amazing thing I do everyday "my job", I wanted to share it with you.

Head on over to the shop by clicking here and grab the sale while it lasts. You have to the end of the month to take advantage of this great deal!!!

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