Oh my my! (And a QUILTING SALE!!!)

First things first, happy belated Father's Day from this little cutie!

She is definitely a Daddy's girl in the making. Maura is growing like a weed, has four teeth driving her (and her mommy) mad, but hopefully they will cut through here soon, and she is doing just wonderful otherwise.

Next, THE CAVS WON!!! THE CAVS WON!!! THE CLEVELAND CURSE IS GONE!!! Okay, I am still in shock (as is the rest of Cleveland) and I keep pinching myself to see if it's still true. Watching the game last night was brutal but SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!

Okay, and onto the main reason you all come here and read what I type and look at the pretty pictures - quilting.

How about a little quilting sale???

I'm getting settled into the new house, Maura is doing well and we are figuring out our schedule. However we are both the color of jellyfish (neon clear), the sun is bright, and it's getting a little too hot outside for my little miss. So what are we to do? Stay inside and hibernate where it's cool.

To celebrate let's have a little quilting sale! From now to July 9th (first come/reserved, first served basis) send me your quilt for all over (edge to edge quilting) and get 10% off of quilting. Send two quilts and get 15% off your quilting. Send three quilts or more and get 20% off of your quilting. I have batting here, just send your quilt top and backing ready to go and I will work my magic and get your quilts back to you. The $50 minimum still applies to presale pricing.

If you have questions, please email me at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com or call me at 440-567-1688. For more information about my quilting services you can read more here.

I'm still doing custom quilting too, but I will be saving those projects until after the sale. I am taking reservations for all quilting, contact me to reserve a spot for your quilt.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and being patient while I learn this new mom gig and settle into our new home. I am blessed to be able to call this my job and I couldn't do it without all of you!

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