Well Hello There...

Please let me introduce you to:

Maura Avilyn!!!

Born 3/9/16
7lbs 3oz
20" long
And she stole Mom and Dad's hearts instantly!!!

Last week was just one of those weeks let me tell ya. I thought my next doctors appointment was Wednesday. Well, it was on Tuesday (glad I looked at the calendar). Ben and I had to prep our house for another house showing and after a couple small scares where we thought Maura may arrive early we decided it was best to just go about life like it was any other day. Boy were we wrong. 

Anywho, Ben went to work, I went to my doctors appointment (first appointment he didn't go with me in awhile - we hadn't made any significant progress in weeks) and low and behold she made enough progress that the doctor asked me whether I wanted to have her that night or the next morning. It all happened so fast, I went straight to the hospital and Ben met me there and the next morning Maura greeted us with her beautiful slatey blue eyes and precious face. 

We finished our stay at the hospital, have been home for a couple days and are starting to settle in nicely. The pups have been amazing and our families have been the biggest help. 
(First bath at home yesterday) 

So far my major accomplishments since we've been home have been getting a shower each day and that's about it. (And I'm completely fine with that) Now maybe, and just maybe, if I find some energy these next couple weeks I may actually start her quilt. I have the fabric and a plan, I just have yet to start. Plus it's not like she doesn't have stacks and stacks of quilts here to choose from! 


  1. Ohhh Congratulations!!! She's beautiful! Precious days, enjoy them because they go by so quickly!

  2. Beautiful. Congratulations. Love Maura's hand in the mouth serious look.

  3. Well Done! What a wee cutie. I hope you are resting up as much as possible.
    Wishing you all much happiness and good health.

  4. Congratulations to Mama and Papa Silbaugh and welcome Maura Avilyn. She's adorable!

  5. Congratulations on your precious Maura Avilyn!!! She is so beautiful!!! Enjoy every moment!! My favorite thing to do with all my kids was to have them take a nap on my chest while I sat in the rocking chair and just enjoyed being close. A close second were the middle of the night feeding when we were all alone in the quite darkness. Thanks for the walk down memory lane and have a blast creating your own special memories with that precious little bundle of love!

  6. Welcome to Mommyville...She looks sooo precious Congats to Grandma n Grandpa too!!! Can't wait to see her grow up.....Thank You for sharing with all of us.....Smiling.....

  7. What a little dolly baby! I'm so glad you and she are well. Looking forward to updates.

  8. Maura is such a beautiful baby and so alert. Enjoy the cuddles and hugs and just rejoice in the first days of being a mother.

  9. Big congrats to all three of you! What a beautiful little girl! So happy for you!

  10. Beautiful name and beautiful baby! Enjoy every minute. Congratulations!!


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