Blue Stars

Suzanne brought me this quilt. It was one of those "I'm sick to death of looking at this quilt, please take it and make it pretty so I want to look at it again" type quilts. You know what it's like when you've been staring at and man-handling a large quilt that never seems to end? Well, Suzanne hit that wall and I was glad to take this quilt off her hands for a bit.
 This quilt has a funny story too. Suzanne's hubby has been asking for years for a blue quilt. She worked on this quilt for what seemed like forever and when she was done her hubby saw it and asked, "Oh, who is that for?" She's like, "You silly!". Guys, you gotta love them! Well, this quilt proved trickier than Suzanne was bargaining for. It was an online tutorial that seemed super easy and fun, but the pressing instructions weren't the greatest. Okay they were downright dreadful and when she started to piece together this monster of a quilt it just added to the headaches. She had to work on it in little bits until it was finished - hence another reason why she was sick to death of looking at it.
 Knowing the pressing issue, there were some bulky seams that needed tamed so we opted for a simple overall design where I could work in and around those areas without harm to quilt, quilt plan, and my machine (thank you!). Again, Suzanne lives super close to Lake Erie like I do so with all of the blues she chose the wave design to quilt this monster. It not only helped to soften all of the harsh lines and contrast in the quilt, but also tied in with the blue theme.
 It wasn't until I was taking this photo that I realized Suzanne had the blocks in diagonal rows matching the fabrics... One of those "too close to the quilt" type situations. You have to understand while I'm working on a quilt I can only focus on about 20" at a time. Large patterns like this are immune to my vision until the end most times.
But isn't it just dreamy? Didn't it turn out awesome? If my memory serves me correctly I think this was quilted with a light blue thread to balance between the white and various blues. The backing was a solid white so a light thread was the way to go. Even though some of the blue fabrics are very dark, even a light blue thread plays better than a white would have. The white on a dark blue would have been like a neon "look at me" sign strewn throughout the quilt.

Suzanne, you did it! I hope hubby loves his quilt and it's come in handy during this frigid winter.


  1. I think it turned out so well, and I love the colour coordination!

  2. The quilt might have been a monster to make, but it turned out beautifully.

  3. Beautiful work on the quilt and the quilting!


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