Quick Curve Lanterns

If any of you have tried the Quick Curve Ruler patterns by the gals at Sew Kind of Wonderful, you know you're hooked before you can blink! I myself haven't sewn one of their patterns yet, but I plan on it in the future (along with about a dozen other quilts). Every one of my clients that has brought me a QCR quilt has raved about it and has already started another quilt or two. You really should check out these rulers and patterns!

Enough of that, back to the quilt at hand. This is the Urban Abacus pattern, but it looked to me like lanterns in the fabrics Anne (or her daughter-in-law) chose so that's how I planned the quilting.
 This quilt was so much fun to plan and execute. The curves are gradual enough that they allowed me to play without worry of bonus fabric or ripples or anything too harsh - visually or physically. I immediately thought of the collapsible paper lanterns when I saw this quilt so I ran with that idea first.
 To differentiate the lanterns from their "cords", I chose to quilt the cords in a ribbon candy design for added texture. Then came the hard part - planning the background. I pondered and stared at this quilt for a couple days before I came up with the idea you see quilted out above. That was because I was looking at it all wrong. I got the idea to quilt these curved bubbles when I looked at the quilt from the side rather than up and down. The pattern opportunity was so obvious to me I had to take a chance at it and I LOVE how it came out. I filled in the gaps along the sides just like the quilting in the lanterns to complete the design.
 You can see the trail of bubbles much better here. I love the texture in this quilt and how it's truly so simple yet looks complex. To finish off the border I quilted bubbles in various sizes.
 And here it is! Did I mention I LOVE this quilt?
And if it couldn't get any better, here's the view of the back. The movement and texture reduce me to a puddle of drool... Again, another quilt I was very reluctant to give back. But I had to. And I did. Even though I didn't want to. But it's part of the job, and I love my job...

Thank you, Anne! Once again I had a blast playing on your quilt and taking it to the next level. (Which isn't hard to do when you get awesome stuff like this to play on.)

Are you enjoying the peek at all of these quilts I worked on last year? There's plenty more to share so stay tuned and I will share them and much more as I can!


  1. Your eye for design of quilting is really magnificent. It is not easy taking into consideration scale, color, design, texture, complementing (not deterring) from the quilt, etc. You have a natural talent.

  2. Wow - just wow - this is some major glorious quilting!!

  3. love this! I am thinking Chinese lanterns? are you resting?


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