Before you ask...

Nope, no Little Miss yet. However it seriously could be any minute she's making her big debut, so by the time you are reading this, she may be here. Who knows. Not me.

Sorry for the long pause this past week, but we had a small scare and had to make a trip to the hospital for an exam to make sure everything was okay. And it was and still is, just had to get it checked out to be safe. So last week we weren't sure if she would be arriving that much earlier than anticipated or not and then I've taken some time off to rest and prep for when she actually arrives.

While we were at the hospital though, Ben got to test out the couch in the maternity room and had himself a little nap. Snoring and all. Just getting himself acclimated to the surroundings before our actual stay.

Aside from that we've still been busy showing and trying to sell our house and we had another little family emergency. My aunt had a heart attack and with her own hospital stay every step forward results in a step or two backwards and now she has to have more surgery this week. Say a prayer for her if you could.

So needless to say I haven't done any quilting, it's been a little crazy here on the other fronts and I'm trying to stay calm and relaxed before Little Miss arrives. If I get more energy and a little break from everything else I may try to post more quilt pictures, but no guarantees at this point. Family life has been top priority lately - I'm sure you can understand.

Check back soon though for updates, whether the baby or quilty kind! I'm not sure myself! -Rebecca

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  1. Prayers for your aunt, Little Miss and you!! Last week was a bit stressful for you all!!


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