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Today I have some exciting information for you about a Scrap Quilt Challenge you can join and use up some of those scraps in your stash! This is an exciting group of creative ladies that you can find by visiting the main Challenge page here:  http://www.fabricsnquilts.com/scrapquiltchallenge/ or you can read more about the challenge on their blog here: http://fabricsnquilts.blogspot.com/2015/07/join-us-for-scrap-quilt-challenge-5.html.

Basically all you have to do is create a scrappy quilt within the last year and post the picture to a Flickr group by October 15th! You can see the Flickr group here:  www.flickr.com/groups/scrap-quilt-challenge-5/ and don't forget to use hashtag #SQC5 when posting to Instagram (if you'd like to show off your scrappy creation there too!)

Now, there are minimum requirements and some teeny tiny rules to follow, but I know you all can handle those. Please find them at the links above for the main Challenge information. Oh, and did I mention there were prizes to win?

So, without further ado, my job today is to give you all a scrappy fun block that you could make and turn into a quilt you could enter into this challenge. Now, I didn't get a chance to sew mine up, I sprained my ankle earlier this week and it's my "driving" foot so I'm trying to give it a rest, but I can share with you how to make this none the less.

Plus, I have a great idea to make a bunch of baby quilts using this block and it gives me time to figure out what colors and themes to plan for!
 I came up with this fun scrappy plus type block that finishes at 10" (honestly it's bigger than I usually like to work with, but to get the most scrappy pieces I could, this was the right size)
 So basically, the block is a fun plus in the middle that you'd want to make bold and exciting. Then use a more subtle but coordinating print to frame the plus in the block and surround it all with scrappy HSTs. I would keep the HSTs more subtle too, but there's room to play and be creative!

First you're going to make the 8 HST units. Use whatever technique you'd like (there are several) but if you need a tutorial on how I like to make them, you can view that here. Use the 4 background 3.5" squares and the 4 HST 3.5" squares you picked out. Each HST unit should measure 2.5" when complete.
 Now we're going to construct this block in sections. First take the HSTs and some 2.5" background squares to make the corner sections. Press the seam allowances as shown.
 To make the plus, create two ends and the center as shown above. Remember to use all the same coordinating fabrics in these pieces.

Also, follow the pressing instructions I provided and you should have an easy time constructing this block. All of the seams should "nest" well together.
 Construct the block using the sections laid out as shown. Play close attention to the direction of the corner sections as you lay out the block.

And there you have it, a block that should measure 10.5" once constructed (10" finished).

I came up with a few different layouts for this block and they each create a different secondary pattern. The first layout is just the blocks sewn to each other.
 Next I added in some sashing but to keep the scrappy look a little more toned down, I used the same 2.5" cornerstone each time. For this sashing you would need to cut 2.5" x 10.5" strips.
 And to change it up just a bit more (if you're a super scrappy enthusiast) you can make each of the cornerstones a different 2.5" square and it would give the quilt a whole different look.
With the sashing, rather than a secondary diamond, you create a shoo-fly instead. There's no right or wrong with this block, but almost too many options to pick from.

I just can't get enough of the plus blocks around at the moment and I thought this would be a really neat scrappy version to make.

Well, that's my little tutorial, I hope you like the block and I hope you get to participate in the Scrap Quilt Challenge. You're probably making scrappy quilts already and taking pictures, so why not upload a picture, share what you've done and possibly win some prizes while you're at it? And if you just need that swift kick in the rear to get inspired and bust into your stash, the inspiration you'll find on the Flickr page may just be the ticket to get you going!

Thanks for dropping by and have fun quilting scrappy!

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