A mulligan kind of a week

If you've been stopping by looking for the post on how I'm going to quilt my Charleston Disappearing Four Patch... Yeah, it doesn't exist yet. 

This week has been full of family emergencies and a sprained ankle on my behalf that has slowed me down quite a bit... Add to the mix the machine suddenly needing to be timed and it's just been too much. 

So as I type this I have my ankle propped up and it's getting iced... That's basically been my week with a little quilting in here or there until the swelling gets too bad and I have to rest. 

Sorry there haven't been many posts, but that is why! I hope to get back up and running (literally) soon! 

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  1. I am sorry about your ankle and your week. If it helps, my week has not gone as I planned either, very little has been accomplished in the sewing department. I will keep you in my prayers, I know how frustrating a sprained ankle can be....I have had more than my fair share. I really enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful day!


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