Tomorrow is the day!!!

And I do mean it is THE day. June is going to be such an exciting month and it's really starting off with a bang!

Not only is tomorrow the official release date of Seems Like Scrappy...
There is so much more to tell, but it will have to wait until tomorrow... Don't worry, the wait will be worth it, I promise!!!

What I do have for you today is something kinda special. I came up with a printable chart to use with Seems Like Scrappy. I handed this chart out to shop owners at Quilt Market, but I wanted to be able to share it here with you too.
Basically, this chart shows each project in the book and which precuts go with each project. Not only that, but it also lists which quilts are great for kits (if you are a shop owner or work at a shop) and which projects are great for beginners.

This was designed to be used by shop owners and it has other information that may be more useful in that context. However, I realize not all shop owners were able to make it to Quilt Market. Also, I realize that several of my readers teach at shops and guilds or just with friends for a night of sewing. And that's when I thought it would be best to share this information with you all, because why not? Anyway that I can help you all, I'm all for it.

When you print out the file, there will be two of these charts, side by side to fit on a regular piece of paper. Print them out and share the spare with a friend, or hang one and keep the other tucked away for safe keeping. Either way, all of my contact information is listed at the top. I ask that you please be respectful of that knowledge, but if you have any questions, you know how to get a hold of me.

Now, finally, to get to the printable link, click here. You can either print out the form (click on the printer icon when you scroll your mouse to the top center of the page - the icons will appear when the mouse is over them if they're not immediately displayed) or you can save this file for later (click the arrow pointing to a flat line).

I hope you all can use this chart as a tool both personally and professionally. I think it's only natural I create a similar one for my first book, Seamingly Scrappy. Stay tuned over the next couple days and I will try to create a chart for that. If it helps, I can even make the printable file with one side for Seamingly Scrappy and the other for Seems Like Scrappy. Two birds I guess...

Well, anyway, I hope this can work as a little cheat sheet for you while working through Seems Like Scrappy. Come back tomorrow for some equally exciting news and each day this week. This month is going to be awesome!!!

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