Splotch Part Two

Sometimes people think that since I design quilts and write books and long arm that I have all my crap together. Ha! It couldn't be further from the truth.

I find that a bunch of creative people walk that thin line of this is going to be genius or it could be a complete disaster on a daily basis. It's knowing when to take risks and when to move on that distinguishes what side of that line we fall on.

Sometimes we have this idea in our heads that sounds awesome. And then we pour our hearts and souls into it until we get to the point of no return... And then we continue on in this process not knowing which side of the line we will come out on... Usually the thought is this is going to be this biggest disaster known to man. It's an epic battle in our brains all the time. I mean. All. The. Time.

You may have seen this graphic going around on social media sites... It's funny only because it's so true:
But on some freak chance, we forge through and come out with something much greater than expected.
 When I started making the blocks for this new version of Splotch (from my new book, Seems Like Scrappy), I had this little voice in the back of my brain saying "make the background striped, it'll be awesome". And for a minute I thought it would look nice. Then I thought it would be amazing and all other priorities and tasks ceased to exist and I tore into my stash to find the perfect fabrics...

Only to discover I didn't have enough of them. So I waited patiently and put them on my list to grab the next time I was at the quilt shop...

And that's when it happens. When you let too much time set in and doubt starts to eat away at your inspiration. I got the fabrics and doubted the outcome the ENTIRE time I was working on finishing this top until the moment the last seam was sewn and pressed.

Then. In that moment. Just like the graphic above. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I'm so freaking happy with how it turned out I already know how I want to quilt it and I want to quilt it now.

Only problem being I don't know what to put on the back. Or if I have something to bind it in that would fit. I'm sure I do, but I have quilts to work on and deadlines to meet. And Market is only a couple weeks away!!!

(Insert mini panic attack here)
But then I look at this and realize it's the middle of the morning and I'm still in my PJs and the sun is shining and and and...

It'll all get done when it gets done and I have a pooch to take on a walk and fabric to play with. How can I stress about that?! I mean really?

Anywho, back to the new Splotch. I used a honeycomb of Mirabelle by Fig Tree for the blocks and combined my favorite French General linen print basic for the tan background with Natural Kona cotton for the cream. I have no clue when I will get it quilted, but once I do, I will share that with you too because it's going to be awesome.

Oh, and I just added Seems Like Scrappy to my shop. Head on over to preorder a signed copy now.

And just because I like you (I like you a lot), from now until the day I get the books in my hand, all preordered copies are 25% off! No special code needed!

What can I say? Without having all of you to share this crazy creative life with, I'd be a crazy hermit. Seriously. I'd like to show my appreciation for you because without you all, I wouldn't be able to do this and call it my job. Simple as that.

I'll be back with more quilty goodness. Stay tuned!

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