Mini Madness Continues

A little bit ago I hosted a giveaway over on Instagram for reaching 400 followers. I offered up a choice of either $75 towards long arm quilting or a personalized mini quilt...
 Aurelie won and chose a mini quilt. I had so much fun piecing this and then the quilting was a blast! I love it so much that I may just have to make one for me!
 I drew up this pattern and paper pieced the feathers and adapted the rest as I went. There was a certain size and proportion I was trying to get and I'm so happy with how it turned out.
 I really like how the quilting stands out on the pieced back too!
 You can really see the quilting details in the feather at this angle.
Then just as I was getting ready to pack this mini up and send it on it's way, the sunset was shining through the window and it cast the most amazing light and shadows!!! This picture really doesn't do it justice, but it was so pretty I had to snap a few more pictures!

I know I know, many of you may be feeling neglected that I didn't offer the same giveaway here... Well, just hold your horses and come back next week for a giveaway! It's been long overdue here on the blog and you all deserve some quilty love too!

I have some other wonderful posts scheduled in the meantime while I hash out the details for the giveaway, stop back tomorrow for a new printable that I'm sure you're going to love. On Monday I will be featuring a new project from Seems Like Scrappy and then probably Tuesday I will post the giveaway... Sound good?

Aurelie, enjoy your mini and if you ever get tired of it, feel free to send it on back! I will miss it so!

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