Clearing Up Precut Confusion

Has anyone else noticed the variety of names given to different precuts? You think that it must be something new and different, yet to find it's the same exact bundle as something else...

Well, I started researching and looking and sorting and I came up with a little chart to share with all of you to ease the confusion:
What I did here was take the three most popular precuts (5" squares, 10" squares and 2 1/2" strips) and listed what each manufacturer names each precut.

Now, there is a reason each manufacturer may have a different name. It basically all comes down to trademarks and licensing and such. Plus it gives each company an identity for their products in this mass sea of precuts available. Not many quilt shops only carry one manufacturer's products, so each fabric brand needs to stand out and make a statement how they can. Just on this chart alone, 2 1/2" strips have 11 different names between 13 different fabric brands!

I started noticing this confusion when I was teaching classes. Some people would come up to me and say, "I don't have a Charm Pack but I have this stack of 5" squares, will this work?" It's one of those situations where when it happened once, no biggie, but after a few times, I felt there had to be an easier way.

Plus, with the release of Seems Like Scrappy coming up in the near future, I didn't want anyone to have the same confusion and feel they couldn't make a quilt because they don't have a jelly roll that the pattern calls for when they have a Bali Pop sitting on their shelf... It's the same thing...

Now, here's the disclaimer part of this post and it's also clearly stated at the top of the printable:

Not every quantity is the same between precuts... Let me say that again:

Not every quantity is the same between precuts

Most precuts are made with either a manufacturer standard of pieces or they are dependent on how many fabrics were in the particular line of fabrics. Each bundle should be marked with the amount of pieces it contains. Double check before you begin that you will have the correct amount of pieces needed for your project.

I've had some questions in the past of how to save or print these files. When you open the pdf, there will be a series of icons at the top of the screen (they may not show until you move the cursor over them).

Please pardon the grainy look, I took an actual picture of my screen.

If you just want to print this chart now, the first icon on the left is to print (the one that looks like a printer).

If you'd like to save this pdf file to print again and again at your leisure, the icon with the downward arrow is to download the file and save it.

I hope you enjoy and can use this chart because I know how confusing it can be at times. Feel free to share this with your quilting pals and keep it handy.

Last disclaimer, this information was collected and compiled all by my little lonesome. This is an ever changing industry and the names and precuts available are subject to change at the will of the manufacturers. This information is current as of this date, but I'm sure it can and will change in time. If needed, I will reissue an update in the future, but be sure to print out this handy little chart and keep it near your precut stash!

Speaking of precuts... come on back to the blog on Monday (and every Monday for a couple months) to see previews of each new quilt in Seems Like Scrappy, my newest book due out in May! I've already posted a couple quilts, you can see them here and here. Just think, with this new chart in hand and inspiration brought to you each Monday, by the time the book is released you'll be all set and ready to create a new quilt or two! There are 14 quilts in this new book and I've already made duplicates of some... Just remember Monday... I'll bring you a little creative colorful moment to make Mondays not so mundane, alright? See you then!

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