Farmpark Quilt Show!!! Part 2

Today I am going to toot my little horn a bit. Not only do I love this show, but I love being able to see my client's quilts hanging at the show! This year I worked on such a mix of styles and it kept my challenged creatively throughout the year. It was so nice to see them all hanging in their glory and reminisce a bit.

I will try to link up to each original post for the quilts if I shared about them in the past. That way if you'd like to explore the quilts further or see more details, you can read more and see more pictures!
 Kathy made this Arizona Cactus and then added this checkerboard border to finish it off. I had so much fun quilting it and showcasing each and every fabric playing off of the way she placed the colors.
 Anne made this at a Jinny Beyer mystery workshop and I played off of the designs within the fabrics (which Jinny is known for) and highlighting the more subtle areas. See more here.
 I did this fun bright Christmas quilt for Angie. It was neat to see some Christmas and holiday quilts hanging in the show this year, but they all had a different style and flair. This was by far the most contemporary of the bunch!
 Kathy entered this quilt that she made for her son. His favorite colors were white, black and orange and it is a vision! For more pictures including the pieced back she made, check it out here. This was Kathy's first time entering a quilt into this show and she scored an Honorable Mention! Congrats, Kathy!
 Karen made this quilt for a niece I believe that is an animal caretaker at Disney's Animal Kingdom! I loved the animal prints and they were still as hard to see the quilting on as when I quilted it.
 Darlene originally wanted to enter this quilt last year, but there was a little mishap with some water spots. Not sure if they would come out or not, Darlene entered another quilt. Well, it washed up beautifully and I love the traditional look of this quilt. To see more details, click here.
 Here is the Rock Island Campfire quilt by Carol (complete with a blue ribbon!). This quilt looks so happy on this sunny day with the bit of sunshine peeking into the room. This is such a happy quilt, but it posed to be challenging at best to quilt... See why here. You won't believe what a difference in lighting does to this quilt!
 And just for laughs. This is the last quilt I did for the show. It was also the largest quilt I did for the show. It's practically hanging from the rafters of this large room!
Sandy made this ginormous quilt from a kit and that's the original size of the quilt. All 125" in length! I actually saw Sandy right after I went to the show and we were joking about how big it looks, but it's HUGE! No denying that! I loved all of the feathers I quilted on this one and I'm happy to have it done just in time for the show!

What a mix! A bit of modern, traditional, bright, subtle and everything in between! Thank you to all of my clients that let me play on your quilts and then show them off at shows like this!

Now I know some people solely make quilts to enter shows and win ribbons. That is entirely NOT why I'm sharing these quilts. These ladies made something creative that they worked hard on and poured their hearts into and then they shared it with the world... Or whoever looks at these pictures and goes to the show. Isn't that the most important thing?! Sharing your creative spark and hoping to inspire someone... To me that's more important than any ribbon will ever be.

Many times I hear people say their quilts aren't good enough to enter into a show. And to that I call bull crap! It's not about being good or better than someone else, it's being a more confident quilter today than you were yesterday. It's about sharing what you're working on and what inspires you. That's what you should strive for in entering a show. If you win a ribbon, great! But please don't compare your work and skills to others and just try for that ribbon. Celebrate your hard work and show the world what you can do! Don't you agree?

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