Machine Quilting: Christmas Sampler

There are very few quilts that I see that get me thinking, I NEED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND MAKE ONE OF THESE RIGHT AWAY... Well, Bobette was at it again and she's adding way too many projects to my to-do list...
 Now, being a quilter can be rough sometimes... I see quilts like this every so often and I know I don't have the time to make one (but I want to) and I know I have no fabrics in my stash that would look this cool (but I want them now) and do I really need a Christmas quilt (for Heaven's sake, I didn't even put up a tree this year, but I still have to take down those ribbons outside if the snow melts off of them) but I want to make this quilt just so I can quilt it like I did for Bobette. Simple as that. This quilt (or a version close it it) has made it's way onto my list, and it's near the top, it's that good.
 This sampler was unlike any other that I've seen... It had trees and a church...
 And presents, and squares, and wool snowflake appliques...
 And I could go on forever, but I'll just let you take a look for yourself...

 Even the back of this quilt looked amazing. I love how you can see the stars and the trees and the houses... I quilted my little heart out on this quilt and it was so much fun (not that I don't on other quilts, but you know what I mean)
 I honestly was not in the holiday spirit until I worked on this quilt... Then I became a raging lunatic and was trying to make and create new decorations and drug my Hubby to the crazy stores with a gazillion other raged crazy holiday people for things we didn't need because I thought it would be fun...
 Yeah, then I got in those stores, and didn't find what I wanted and then got the heck out of dodge and came back to my comfy cozy house to get away from all of those holiday lunatics and their crappy driving... Just saying... But isn't this quilt just GORGEOUS?! Supposedly this was a block of the month... And if I can come up with one, I may just have to host a little non-holiday sampler here because Lord knows I am not going to want to quilt a Christmas quilt in July... Would you like that? Would you want to play along?
 Now, I can only try to make it as awesome and glorious as this... But I can dream, and so can you. I will get to work and see what I come up with.
But then again, who am I kidding? I may just have to make a quilt like this to hang up around the holidays... What'dya think?

Anywho... when I finished this quilt I let Bobette know it was done and that I was keeping it... FOREVER... Yeah... that didn't work. Luckily she played along with me and then grabbed her quilt and ran for the hills before it disappeared into my stash, but I still have pictures to oogle over and share with you. Oh, and I have another quilt to share that made me bust into my stash and get to planning a quilt that I don't need to make (but I want to) and I think it will be fabulous!

Be back soon with more awesome stuff to share!




  2. Beautiful quilt and equally beautiful quilting. Super job. I want one too!!

  3. I never wanted a Christmas quilt until I saw this one! Love the quilting you did on it - it is so much fun to come up with different designs for sampler quilts and you knocked this one out of the park!

  4. I can see how you fell in love with that quilt. It is a beauty and your quilting added even more to it. I know how you feel about making everything and right now! When the ladies in my quilt group show a finish I want to make it right now too.

  5. Gorgeous quilt - thanks for sharing it!

  6. Can you ask Bobette where this pattern came from?

  7. Can you ask Bobette where this pattern came from?


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