Weekend Sewing

Well, I think I'm that much closer to being ready for Christmas with a little sewing I just finished this morning. I did a bit of long arm quilting on Saturday with a little break that night to celebrate our anniversary. It was wonderful!

Then yesterday I was able to finish the top for my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap:
I love it soooo much and many people on Instagram do too! I may cut out another one just for me later this week! 

Granted since I combined patterns and wasn't all that awake while putting the top together, it required a bit of un-sewing and some try try try agains, but now that I've worked out the kinks, just time to layer and quilt and choose a binding. 

Then last night I cut out and prepped pieces to make my niece a stocking to match the stockings I made the rest of the family four years ago. 
It turned out well and wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Since it had been so long since I made stockings last and since I didn't keep any that I made, I had to research my own pictures and luckily I kept a computer file with the original templates and was able to fudge the rest. Hopefully it doesn't look too different than the others, but I think it will do. 

And with that last stocking complete, I think I'm ready for the holidays minus some cooking, but I will do that as we go. Are you ready? I hope so!!!


  1. Hello! I was just browsing around your site and love your Quilts. I really want to make a mini quilt. I love this pattern can you tell me how to get it or what two patterns you combined to make it? Thanks its lovely!!


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