Machine Quilting: Lucky Stars

I quilted this up a bit ago for Arlene... I didn't want to give it back! But I think that's the trend with the quilts I'm going to show you this week.
 I loved the colors in this quilt and it was such a sunny day when I was working on it, at times the quilt looked like stained glass shining through the batting! The variety of batiks Arlene used are wonderfully pleasant without being too bold.
 We chose to make the stars stand out while making the pieced sashings blend in with the borders with the swirl design.
 This is the perfect argument for semi custom quilting. It has a bit more personality without going over the top. I think this is the prefect design for this quilt, simple with a little pizzazz.
And I was in LOVE with the backing Arlene chose. The colors matched the top beautifully but has this whimsical watercolor/ink feel that immediately took me back to my days of living in the art room at school. My senior year I took every art class that I could (4 of my 6 classes were art) and I basically was a staple in the art room all year. It was amazing. I loved this fabric and this quilt!

Thank you, Arlene!!! You did an amazing job with the colors and the piecing which makes my job that much easier. It's just not easier to give the quilts back at the end of the day!

I'll be back tomorrow with another bold and beautiful quilt I'm sure you'll love! See you then!

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