Change of plans

I had this great idea yesterday to download all of my pictures off of my camera and write some witty blog post... Well, that all got derailed when I got a frantic text from my BFF that her dog was missing. They had gone door to door and were planning to put up flyers so I went to the park behind her house and walked the paths looking for Bridgette, the dog. 

I turned up nothing and her hubby went looking out back in the woods again, but luckily it was all effort well wasted. They now live on a super busy road and Bridgette somehow ended up by the road. A nice dog lady picked her up and took care of her before returning her home yesterday morning. 
 And here she is reunited with her kids. Phew, that could have turned out so differently, but we are very glad she's home. 

With her home safe, I got back to quilting and started on this long overdue project:
This is another version of Woodland a Sunset from Seamingly Scrappy, my first book with Martingale. I was able to quilt everything but the backgrounds. I'm completely stumped. I normally don't unload a quilt half finished, but this one can wait a bit until I figure out the best plan for it. Any ideas? All I can think of right now is pebbling , but my arm wasn't feeling up to tons of pebbles yesterday. 

I also need to piece the back for my plus quilt, I got some other fabrics for another tutorial, oh , I did finish my mini plus too and I need to share that... Lately it seems like there's everything and nothing going on all at once. I've been busy, but I can't share most of it :(

Alas, more good stuff is to come and I'm hoping for a nice boring day today. Have a great day and we will chat again soon!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I made Roll of Stamps, from your book and we cannot keep the book in stock at our store. Also did Tiny Bits, but haven't got them quilted yet. Will probably sell twice as many books now. And yes all from my scraps at home. Can't wait for your Block of the Month pattern (we saw at Market) to come out. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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