My booth at Market...

I know Market was awhile ago and I've gotten behind again on my blog. Sorry about that. When Market time rolls around you truly forget how much is involved and I've been working diligently on my new manuscript as well as a whole slew of other things and before you know it, I pass out on the couch and no blogging... Not cool!

So, I know it's a tad late, but I wanted to share pictures from my home away from home for a few days during Market.
 Here it is! My little piece of the Market puzzle. And puzzle it was! I along with a bunch of other Martingale Authors participated in the Author Hop. It's pretty neat, you get a passport and go around to all of the booths listed, collect a stamp and get entered into a drawing for books and other prizes. People kept getting lost finding me but the crazy thing was I WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE AISLE from Martingale. I could see the basket the Grand Prize Winner would get... Oh well.
 I brought out many of the quilts from Seamingly Scrappy to show off and they got a ton of love during Market.
 I also got a preview of a fun new book I'm in coming out next month... More on that later though... :)
 My little table was so full of stuff! Most importantly was the Jolly Ranchers and chocolates which sadly were breakfast and lunch most days. Not joking... We were slap happy by the end of the day on Sunday, probably due to the mass amounts of candy in our systems!
 I absolutely LOVE the Pittsburgh Convention Center due to this natural light that streams in all day long. This was my view from my booth and it was so nice to see clouds and sun and something outside while we were inside. Many convention centers are drab and dark and no windows... How boring!
 We also were showing the new Heritage BOM that will be released shortly. I'll do a whole post later to show off this gem!
And because I could... Talk about sunlight!!! How many places can you say this was your booth inside? I snapped a picture or two.

But that was it, we did it, we ended up carrying everything out to the car afterwards (not fun, you can read why here) and aside from the one wrong turn out of the city, we made it home and still do not have a new coffee table yet. I may just keep this broken one forever until it meets it's match. Or I find a replacement. I'm not searching too hard right now, I have other fish to fry. Speaking of which, gotta go quilt!

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