PreQuilt Market Recap

So this time around to market, my Hubby was with me for the first time to set up the booth. We had a plan. It was going to be great. 

I live so close to Pittsburgh we drove and he did great through the wind and rain driving a much larger vehicle than we are used to (I would have been white-knuckling it the whole way) and all was good. We got there in good time, we found where we were supposed to be quite easily and we started unloading. 

This is where it started going south. Someone told me about this great idea to put casters under the table you plan to use in your booth, load everything on top of it, roll it in and set up. Sounded great. We made to just the other side of the booth next to us when I heard it - CRACK!!!!!
Now mind you this is my coffee table from home... Ooooppppssss. The leg had barely any support and we didn't know it until it broke off. So like any prepared woman, I brought duct tape :)
It held it on just enough to keep the table functional and useful throughout the show and you could barely see it. See:
You can just barely see the tape under the left leg. No biggie. It's actually back home still taped up until we can find a replacement. We didn't know the mainframe of the sides were constructed of MDF with veneer until it broke so there's basically nothing left to connect it back to. Oh well. 

Luckily we made it almost to the booth and that was the big hurdle during set up. It made tearing down more adventurous because we has to carry everything out and we were both sweaty beasts in no time. The loading dock was on the opposite wall from where my booth was and it was an adventure. But we survived. 

The only other pitfall we encountered was right before leaving for the first day of market, I was all ready to go. Hair and make up done, I just had to put on my dress and shoes and we were out the door. I went to go zip up my dress and the zipper broke. Quickly I changed into plan B and buzzed over to market and had some chocolate. It only seemed appropriate. 

I'll post actual good camera photos of the booth soon bathed in the natural sunlight we are lucky to get at Pittsburgh. Until then, gotta go sew!

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