Machine Quilting: Star & Sampler

Nancy made this large sampler quilt and asked me to help her finish it up. She just wanted a basic design in the majority of the quilt, but asked that I play up the large star in the center.
 Now, this quilt is large, HUGE in fact. I measured the star and it measured 38" across (not on point) if my memory is correct. The star points alone were over 8" long on the short sides. This was a big area that needed attention but not too much attention to distract from the rest of the quilt.
 I decided to keep it quite traditional using a bunch of full and half feathered wreaths and a little line dancing and some melons to finish it out and separate the elements.
 You can see some of the details better in this shot of the feathered wreaths. I have been up to my eyeballs in feathers lately and I LOVE IT!!!
The rest of the quilt was filled with an overall paisley design and it worked well to tie in the feathers but keep the quilting on the simple side.

Thanks, Nancy!

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