Machine Quilting: Eureka

Claudia met me at the NQA Show last year and told me how much she loves looking at the pictures of quilts I have finished for people that I post. She had been working on this quilt for awhile and was ready to get it finished so she sent it to me and I tackled it as best I could :)

 Now, this quilt is HUGE. That is the remainder of a King size batting poking out around the edges... And I had some interesting instructions - Claudia was planning to use this on her bed. Sometimes it would be quilt top up and other times it would be flipped over to be used as a whole cloth quilt... That was a first for me which really made me think of how to separate all of the design elements... And there were a bunch.
 There is this amazingly big feathered star in the center of the quilt. Feathers in a feathered star only seemed appropriate. Plus this quilt really needed some "soft" quilting.

 More feathers and some paisleys and line dancing surrounded the center.
 There were stars sprinkled around the edges that matched the center so I quilted them all alike to make them stand out.
 And finally I think I rounded out the different elements with some geometric quilting.
 Oh wait, there were swirls in the border too.
 This quilt was quite a challenge to emphasize and soften and still make all of the pieces work well together. I think I managed it quite well.
 And for a glimpse of the "wholecloth" side, here's part of the center.
 Here you can see how the different elements are separated...
And how the stars still manage to stand out a bit even on the back!
And I'm not gonna lie, this quilt weighs a ton and with all of that quilting it should! I think this quilt measured 121" square or something like that.

Thank you, Claudia! I hope this quilt turned out to be everything you hoped for and more!


  1. amazing quilting!!! So lovely -

  2. Great job!!! Love the back as much as the front!

  3. WOW!!! I quilt is so beautiful (the piecing and the quilting)!!! Where can I find that pattern???


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