Well, it's been crazy busy over here as I'm sure you can imagine due to the lack of blogging. Unfortunately, most of my days start and end like this:
There have even been a few days where this is the uniform for the entire day. However I did dress like an adult for the weekend and make an appearance in public without the hermit wardrobe. 

I spent the weekend at the Lake Farmpark Quilt Show and had a blast. I run into so many people and typically start to lose my voice by the end of the weekend after all of the "catching up". 

I did not however bring my camera and I'm not sure it would have been used if I brought it. The first two days were super busy and the last day we had bad weather and I was more concerned of getting to the show rather than bringing the camera. 

So, I promise I'm working on all sorts of wonderful and I'm quilting like a mad woman, but many of these things cannot be shared just yet. Once I can I will share them and shout it from the rooftops. 

Until then, join me in my quest to get things done. Slap on those pj pants, find your comfy slippers, catch up on the DVR and cut out a new quilt. At least that's the plan for part of today!

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  1. It looks exactly like how my off days are. (haha) Fuzzy pajama pants and fuzzy socks. ;) Glad to know that I'm not the only one. -Brittany


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