Shipshewana samples

Last week Mom and I made the trip over to Shipshewana to show off some of the new Christmas fabrics with Moda. 

I know, I know... We just had Christmas and it's still cold with some snow on the ground, but the quilt shops are looking at the future fabrics to come out this Spring, which includes Christmas and some Halloween. 
I made this simple HST quilt with Laundry Basket's (Edyta Sitar) new Snowbird prints. This line also features batiks, but I only had the prints to work with this early. I did add in the darker brown and tan to even out the lights and darks, but this line is gorgeous! It's very elegant and says 'winter', not 'Christmas'. 
I also made this little one out of Solstice by Kate Spain. I wish the green sashing was a bit smaller now that it's done, but I still like it. This is my alter-ego of Christmas. I love the fun and bright prints that are more playful. 

This week we are gearing up for the vendor weekend at the Lake Farmpark show. I will be out there with Mom all weekend so stop by and say hi!

In the meantime I have been working steadily behind the scenes and sadly can't share much of that right now. Once I have more to share I will. Toodles!


  1. Both of your samples are right up my alley. I love the design on the Kate Spain sample. Is that a published pattern or your own design? Looks so fresh and cheery too.

  2. Hi. so today Martingale had some tips and one featured (I believe) what to do with quilting knots. I hope it was ok that I pinned it. I was looking around on the left side and saw the Do Not Copy or Use Info with permission. I hope that it was ok that I pinned it. If not please let me know. You are an awesome quilter! I love the modern quilt that you just did!
    PS If you don't want it pinned, don't feel bad to say no. I'll just secretly bookmark it so know one else will see it. Thanks so much!

  3. UGH. So Martingale featured one of YOUR posts on how to knot thread when quilting. I'm not positive that was it, but I can find it off the website if you need me to. I believe that they posted it yesterday. It was 10 tips you should know, or something like that. I didn't explain that well, I think I was trying to edit something, but it came out horrible and repeated the same thing twice. UGH.I was trying to tell you that I pinned it before I saw your Do Not message. I totally understand. I use Pinterest instead of bookmarking. There isn't that much info about knots and quilting. I think I have 3 sources and the other 2 are professionally know as FMQ er's. Have a great weekend.


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