Machine Quilting: Geometric Quilt

As you could probably tell, the most common type of quilt I finish for others would probably be considered "traditional". Granted there are a few quilts of other styles that I have finished through the years, but not like this one:
 Angela found this quilt in a magazine and thought it would be perfect to hang in her office. She made it just like the sample with the same colors and wanted the quilting to match too.
 I had never quilted something so modern before, but it was fun! These little wavy lines went down the entire quilt and amazingly softened the look of the quilt without taking away from the impact of the squares.
Quilts with large pieces like this are very hard to keep square and true, but Angela did a great job! Many rulers aren't that big to fit the entire piece and the more you fold and manipulate the fabric, the more it can be "off". This quilt was nice and flat and should hang beautifully.

Thanks, Angela! I hope you enjoy your quilt!

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