Machine Quilting: Christmas Tree Panel

Darlene was at it again (or still) and she's putting me to shame in the amount of projects she has been finishing. I swear, I just need a month of weekends to get everything done!
 Now, it is still cold here. It is after Christmas. I haven't seen grass in weeks or months (it's been so long I can't remember!). Not that I didn't want to do this quilt, but it did feel a bit like salt in an open wound kinda. No offense, but the last thing I want to see now is Christmas and snowflakes. I want bright and tropical, but I digress.

Anywho, Darlene combined this Christmas Tree panel from Northcott with some snowflake blocks using her Marti Michell templates. I think it worked out quite well.
 I used a couple different threads for this quilt, a blue to blend in certain areas and a grey for others.
 Darlene asked for more snowflakes to be quilted in the plain blocks in the borders...
 And I just quilted in and around the star blocks to enhance those a bit more.
This panel is designed to have lights in the bright white circles after quilting. I personally don't know how you'd feel cutting holes into your finished quilt to add lights, but after getting the lights in hand, Darlene opted to add crystals to those areas and others rather than the lights. Wise choice I think.

Darlene, great job once again and now I'm going to have to get sewing to catch up with all of your UFO finishes!

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