Machine Quilting: Woven Baskets

That Doris was at it again and she made this B-E-A-UUUUUU- TI-FUL quily OUT OF HER SCRAPS!!! Not a thing was purchased besides the backing I believe!
 I just absolutely cannot express how much I love the fact that she faded her colors and wasn't afraid to play with the bolder fabrics in her stash. Even look at the spiked border - she faded it from color to color around the entire quilt.
 Since this quilt had so much going on with it already, we decided to only play up the borders and use an overall pattern in the center. We chose the loose waves design to mimic the colors of her fabrics.
In each border, the personality of that particular area was emphasised or played off of the one next to it. The goal with quilting after all is to make different designs play well with each other and look cohesive. You can't tell it here, but the entire top was quilted with a tan thread, even though it was light-er-ish, it doesn't stand out and look offensive on the darker fabrics. 
In the end it all worked well together and Doris loved the end result. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, thanks, Doris!


  1. Another lovely job!! I did a baby quilt with light pink SoFine and was amazed at how well the pink blended with so many of the other colors in the quilt! Always fun to know what will disappear into fabrics and what will stand out! I appreciate you telling us what color thread you used...helps everyone!

  2. What a stunning quilt. Is there a pattern name for this? Your quilting does enhance the piecing and colors in the quilt. Both of you deserve a gold star.

    1. This is an old Judy Niemeyer pattern called Woven Baskets, I'm honestly not sure if it is still available or not.


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