It's done!

I was planning to return to long arming yesterday, but Mother Nature had other plans...
This was a hip deep snow drift outside my back door. There wasn't anything that had to be done that couldn't wait til today, so I finished up my Tone It Down quilt!
Now the debate is to try and quilt it to enter it in a local show in a few weeks or relax and move onto other projects and quilt it when I'm good and ready (and not rushed). 
I also got some shelves and new bins for my stash and reorganized this space. It's better but still needs improvement. I realize I still need more bins and space for all of this:
These are my cut scraps organized by size... And the other small pieces I unearthed yesterday that need a home. So even though it wasn't what I planned, it was a pretty successful day!


  1. That quilt is really nice!! Nice job on the reorganization!! Do you want to work on my mess next?

  2. Love your quilt! Where would I find the Tone It Down pattern?? Nice job on the organizing too - always something that needs to be done in a quilting studio.


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