Machine Quilting: Comfy Casual Style

Anna was visiting the shop for this crazy class her and a few of her friends signed up for where instead of making a pattern over 6 months like intended, they decided to do it all in a week. Well, I went out to see how they were coming along and Anna showed me this quilt she brought with her. It was stunning, and huge!
 She had seen some of the other quilts I had done in the past up close so she had an idea of what she wanted, but didn't know how to say it exactly (don't worry, this happens all the time). After chatting with her for a bit I realized her and I have very similar styles that we like and my only instructions when I left were to quilt it "to the tens"!
 Keeping that in mind, I had my first hurdle. The outer border was larger on three sides and smaller on one to keep the quilt size in check. I wanted to quilt it with something that could move from the larger borders to the smaller without looking messy. I chose to do feathers on the larger borders and then to add in a little modern pizazz, I then finished it to the edge with small lines (the small border then only got the small lines quilted in it).
 The next hurdle was the next border that had a busy print to it. I couldn't get too detailed for fear the quilting wouldn't be able to compete with the fabric print, but this fun design worked so well.
 And then came the blocks. These blocks are large and finish at 24" square each! Keeping with the same styles used in the border, I added in some curvy line dancing (similar to the printy border) and some feathers (like the outer border) and then added some flair to finish it all off.
 Once again to complete the background, I quilted these small lines with curved ends to mimic the outer border quilting, but soften the look a bit. And if you can see, the sashing got some line dancing quilting too.
 Now, my favorite thing while working on quilts like this (especially when they have a muslin or solid type backing) is to see how the quilting looks from the back!!! This was the view I got at some point and I was so excited I couldn't wait to finish this quilt!
 And before you know it, the quilt was done! Now, you may have noticed the different lighting through the pictures and I apologize, but I was working on this quilt all hours of the day and night and some pictures have natural light while others use indoor lighting which isn't the greatest.
 But back to the quilt, here's some more pictures of the details of the quilting:

 And my favorite part of all! The quilt is done and this is the back of the quilt! I'll just sit here while you peruse and if you drool, just please don't drool on the quilt (or your keyboard as that's a nasty mess)  :)

But I wasn't done quite yet! Anna made extra blocks thinking her quilt wasn't going to be big enough so she put the same sashing print around each one and had me quilt them the same as the top and she may end up using these as huge pillow shams! What a great idea! I absolutely love this quilt and had a blast working on it.

When I had to call Anna to tell her it was finished, I originally wanted to tell her that it was done but she couldn't have it because I loved it so much, but I was nice and gave it back! I had so much fun working on this quilt and probably should get ready to go and work on more quilts...

Thanks, Anna! You honestly have no idea how much I enjoyed your quilt and getting to know you!

If you are interested in having a quilt machine quilted or would like a quote, please feel free to e-mail me at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com! I'd love to even chat with you if you want to work on one yourself but feel stuck on what to do! I love show-n-tell! Have a great day all, I gotta go to work!


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