Grape Jamboree!!!

Every year a local town, Geneva, celebrates the Grape Jamboree the last weekend of September. Geneva just so happens to be the heart of the Grand River Valley for grape producers and wine makers and this event celebrates all things grape and purple.

The jamboree shuts down Main Street and Downtown Geneva and is filled with many local vendors and food stands, many of which you'll only find here. Many of the menus have grape juice or fresh grape pies, but I know one of the most popular items happens to be a "purple cow". It may sound weird, but it's grape juice and vanilla ice cream kinda like a root beer float. I prefer the shrubs myself which replaces the ice cream with rainbow sherbet. They're yummy and refreshing when the weather is a bit humid and toasty.

So what does this have to do with quilts? Well, you all may remember this amazing Feathered Star that Darlene made way back when:
Well, at the Grape Jamboree they have other events included like an art show and a quilt show. Now, with the quilt show all quilts have to have a good portion of the quilt being purple (I think it's 50% or more). Darlene entered this quilt and she called me the other day to let me know she won FIRST PLACE!!! Congrats, Darlene! Your colors and fabrics were (and are) amazing and you deserved it!

This quilt was so much fun to quilt and I am so glad it won an award for Darlene! She did an amazing job!


  1. Becky I don't think there are actually written guidelines. But I thought of all my quilts,this one has the most purple!! I'm glad that the people judging enjoyed and appreciated out quilt enough to give it First Place!!

  2. I live in California but I'm from Geneva and it just so happens that I went home this year for the Grape Jamboree...(and to see family and friends). I am an avid quiltmaker and have been for about 14 years and I never knew that they had a quilt show at the Grape Jamboree! I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to see the quilts or meet any of the local quiltmakers while we were there a couple weeks ago, My husband and I are considering moving back to Geneva in a year or so, and I find this news about a quilt show VERY encouraging! Congratulations to your friend for winning and I hope to meet her in my quilt travels when I return to Geneva!


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