National Book Lover's Day!!!

Hi. My name is Rebecca and I am a bookworm...
The wonderful people at Moda asked for a bunch of us bloggers to post about the books that got us quilting in the first place and our current favorite book. I couldn't wait to blog about it! What a fun trip down memory lane it is!

There were several books that I looked at when I still "wasn't" into quilting. There were days where I'd be helping out at the quilt shop and would glance through the books. There were many that caught my eye but there's one that I still remember standing out.

 I believe I have this book. I'm pretty sure I do. Now, where it's exact location is... that's anybody's guess. And obviously if you couldn't tell by now, no I haven't made it yet. I do believe this was the quilt that got me excited about quilting. I wanted to make this quilt to hang on the back of my couch... Maybe someday!
Now, I love books. Always have. That's why I wrote my own (Seamingly Scrappy, pictured above), but now that I've been on that side of the table, I know how much hard work and late nights go into these works and that's why this one is my current favorite:
I  <3 a="" href="http://tulapink.com/" target="_blank">Tula Pink
. Always have. Probably always will. She brings out that art nerd that still lives inside of me that I was for soooo many years. (There may or may not be photos of me sewing in a mechanic shirt in the art room of my High School in my senior yearbook...) Honestly, she reminds me that art and quilting are one and the same and I can still pick up some paper and a pencil and release those inner sketches begging to come out.
Tula's new book, it's AMAZING!!! Not only are there 100 blocks in there, they are 100 blocks that are modern with traditional roots. Hello! It's like she's living in my brain! And then to make it completely Tula, the pictures are amazing, and she drew each block. Each. And. Every. Single. One. Oh, and there's random sketches from past fabric lines of hers and all sorts of other awesomeness. And yes, that's a word. I said so.

Oh, and the bestest part of the book (well, another one really) she gives several layout ideas and color options to put all of those blocks into a quilt once you've made them. She's amazing. You can learn more about my new favorite book here and there's a link at the bottom of her post on how you can get you hands on an autographed copy! Score!

But in all seriousness. This book is amazing (I think I've mentioned that a time or two) and I know how incredibly hard it must have been for her to create and stick to a deadline. I honestly don't know how she did it. She's amazing and you all should pick up that book. Like now...

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