Machine Quilting: Another Glacier Star!!!

Karen was working on this quilt at one of our last quilting retreats and it was so spectacular then, but it was even better the second time around!
 Karen's color choices are so unlike any other Glacier Star I have seen in person. She has this unique way of taking a stack of fabric that I'm honestly not sure how it's going to all work together and turning it into a beauty like this one.
 When I asked her how she wanted it quilted, the only instructions I got were to "make it pretty".
 I had so much fun paying with this quilt and deciding how to quilt each area.
  Karen has this wonderful personality and I tried to reflect that in as many areas as I could.
 I told Karen when the quilting was partially done that I didn't want to give it back! :)
The center is almost always my favorite part to do. It's the focal point of the quilt and I have done each one a bit differently to reflect the person that created it. This one is my favorite so far!
And here's how the center looks on the back of the quilt! The lighting was just right on the day I finished this quilt to snap these pictures. With a busy back like this, it's sometimes hard to catch the details of the quilting.

Well, how do you think I did? Do you think it's pretty? I was told when Karen came to pick up the quilt, she brought it down to a class Mom was teaching for this same pattern to show it off to the girls down there too. I guess she didn't open it up until she was in the class and they decided to put it up on the design wall and take a look... It moved Karen to tears, which made another woman cry, which made another cry, and before you know it they were all teary eyed! Hearing this story made my day since I tried so hard to reflect Karen's style in this quilt. That was the best compliment I could ever get!

Thank you sooooo much Karen for letting me quilt this for you! And just remember, if you ever get tired of this quilt, I might have room at my house for it! :)

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