My lilies

So this year my lilies have been growing so much, so much that they're about as tall as me. I'm guessing I have two to three times the blooms this year vs last. 
They kinda started to fall over. I've staked them every year and they've never needed it, til this year that is...
They're soooo pretty and they smell wonderful!
I just love these, but then I have this bush/tree/thing that I don't know what it is:
It's blooming right now and I don't know what it is. Any ideas? The flowers look like this:
Any info would be helpful! Keep in mind I live up North and this thing gets exposure to the cold. Thanks!


  1. Could it be a Rose of Sharon ???

  2. It is a Rose of Sharon, and can pretty much lop it off in the very early spring, and I mean lop! It will come back and be bushy with many blooms.

  3. Beautiful! Here are lilies on fabric that I used to make a quilt with:


  4. Your lillies are beautiful. Yes, that is a Rose of Sharon and farmers in this area consider them weeds. They are very hard to kill and do not belong in the corn and soybean fields.

  5. It's Hibiscus syriacus or common name Rose of Sharon. I have a gazillion in my backyard.

  6. I was interested to hear what the plant was. We had it growing like a weed vine in our back yard here in Australia! Ours had a deep blue/purple colour and it was beautiful so we just let it grow over our sheds etc.


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