Amazing Wedding

Over the weekend, Ben and I attended the wedding of his step-sister and it was so wonderful! We started out at this amazing church just outside Cleveland...
 Meghan found this amazing historical church. It was filled with so many architectural details and let in the perfect amount of light, it was gorgeous!
 The couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife and then we were off to the reception!
 Surrounded by family and friends, toasts were given, laughs and smiles were abundant and it couldn't have gone better.
 The couple met while working in Cairo, Egypt. She is an Egyptologist and he is an Archaeologist so many of the details at the reception had Egyptian themes like the cupcake tower.
 I kept this in mind when I was making the quilt for these two. I started with a Bali Pop (Wildberry) for it's bright purple and orange hues and added in some blues and teals for an Oasis type feel. I used hydrangea fabric for the backing since Meg picked purple and blue for the wedding like the colors of hydrangeas.
 I folded it up and gave it to them in a small laundry basket and it didn't take long for Meg to notice. She came up to me quizzing me if I knew anything about this quilt in the other room... :) I love making things for her and now I've made something for her and her new husband!
All in all it was a great night and I was able to get a picture of myself and the hubby all dressed up (kinda, ignore his shoes please...). I had a wonderful time and will share more about the quilt and the pattern I used soon!

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  1. Skillful placement of the logo in the last photo - I was eyeballing your red pretties! I love making things for wedding gifts - too much fun!


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