Machine Quilting: Wild Quilt

Cathy brought this wild quilt to me to quilt for a young man as a graduation present (pretty nice present, huh?)
 I don't remember the exact relationship (maybe Godson???) and the whole story, but I can tell you that the recipient of this quilt is aspiring to be a Wildlife Photographer for National Geographic (I'm pretty sure).

(between the traveling and lack of sleep I can tell you my memory is not back up to full speed quite yet...)
 We chose to quilt this with a "manly" design and I used a brown thread. Why brown you ask? Normally with this much white and black prints, I would choose one of those colors, but with the hints of orange and brown, the brown worked well with those and wouldn't stand out too much on the black and white prints.
 Some of the fabrics were a bit hard to see where I had been, where I was and were I needed to go like this one...
But it wasn't nearly as bad as this one. With fabrics like this I find these quilts are best to quilt on a cloudy semi dark day and I usually darken the room a bit too. Depending on the shadows you can create, it really helps to see the quilting, but it's still hard on the eyes so if you plan on quilting something like this, take lots and lots of visual breaks.

I think Cathy did a great job on this quilt and I hope the young man will love it and be inspired!

I'll be back with updates from our most recent travels soon!

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