Machine Quilting: Happy Giddy Bliss

There are quilts that i just can't wait to start working on and they just make you happy. This quilt was one of those.
 This quilt was a sample Leslie made for the shop a while back and it's just so fun and bright. This pattern is Hugs & Kisses by Julie Herman from Jaybird Quilts. This is a great pattern for jelly rolls or batik bundles like Leslie used!
 Leslie is planning to give this as a wedding gift later this year and asked for a little extra quilting. I ran this plan by her and she said yes...
I mimicked the straight lines in the background diamonds and broke up all of the straight lines with waves. I used a light yellow front and back, it blends well and doesn't overpower these bright fabrics. Not that much could overpower them really!
 I will admit, the day I quilted this it was gloomy and rainy. This was a little ray of sunshine indoors but with the brightness, I did have to take a few breaks to let my eyes rest, but it was soooo much fun!
 One of my favorite moments is when I'm done quilting and flipping it over to see how the back looks. With this design the straight lines disappeared when I had them horizontally to the light, but if I flipped it just a bit...
 Then all of the quilting was visible. I hope the newlyweds like this quilt! Thanks, Leslie!

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  1. Wow! It is beautiful. It speaks loudly, "summer is here!"


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