I'm blaming jet-lag...

So sorry for the delay, but I am soooo exhausted after market. It could be the fact that we landed in Cleveland after midnight on Tuesday and didn't go to bed until after 3am...

It also could be the fact that my crazy dog now feels the need to play with his squeaky chicken all hours of the day (including between 1-6am, just maybe)

But it also could be that I had an absolutely amazing time and met so many awesome people and chatted my little self out. (But I still have my voice!) That and all of the amazing ideas and inspiration I got while there are hoarding what little brain function I have left until I catch up on sleep.

This time around at Market was a bit different for me since it was the first Market since my book came out and I had some new responsibilities with that, but also since I had my first booth!
 I had to keep it simple since everything needed to be either packed in a suitcase or shipped across country so I knew it would arrive safe and sound. I packed the booth full of quilts from my book, Seamingly Scrappy, and the two new Alphabet Stitchery patterns.
 On the other side of the booth I used some burlap ribbon and these colorful placemats (no I did not weave them myself and yes I was asked that several times) to showcase all of the other patterns that are currently on the market.

Now, with everything you do there is a learning curve. With writing my first book, there was a HUGE learning curve. With writing my first pattern to now my 20th, still a learning curve.

But with setting up a booth at Quilt Market, yet another HUGE learning curve. The things I learned included:

1. Pack lighter. I packed way too much stuff I didn't end up using and over estimated on certain things. I know better now and will use that knowledge in the future.

2. When you have a booth at Market, you don't get to "visit" as much as you'd like with other booths. I really thought I'd have more time to get out and see the show, but I didn't... And that's fine. It meant I was busy!

3. Bring help that isn't as excited about the show and fabrics as you are. I brought my Mom with me and she was a big help, but between the two of us, we now have a dream plan of making 150,000 quilts before the end of summer... My Hubby would have been a nice help in the booth to let me escape from time to time and he wouldn't have been distracted by all of the new wonderfulness that is Market. Hopefully next year he can come.

4. Expect the unexpected. Luckily the show was great, the people were wonderful and Portland was, well, interesting. I say luckily because with all of the insanity between book signings, Schoolhouse, the booth and just the world that is Market, Mom and I made it through the show just fine. On the way to the airport however, both of us at almost the same moment as we're hauling 4 large suitcases, 2 carry-ons, our purses and coats and things, both of us broke wheels on the largest bags at almost the exact same moment on the way to the train... So instead of us each pushing one bag and hauling one with a carry-on attached... we were pushing one bag and dragging the rest. We didn't have much further to go, but still. We were just grateful we were on the way home and not on the way to the show.

But anywho, we had a blast, would do it all again in a heartbeat and still need a bit of recovery time before I feel back up to normal. I'm so excited for next year since the show will be in Pittsburgh, PA! I can drive and bring much more fun stuff for the booth. We'll have to see what unfurls between now and then.

Before I go though, I had to show this booth. I'll admit that I just downloaded the pictures from my trip and sadly I took 4... You're seeing 3 of them in this post. How pathetic is that?! I did take some on my iPod, but they're not really great enough to show. More or less just scenery of the Portland area while on the train. Anywho (back to the subject), this booth was just down the aisle from us and everything in it was fuzzy in one way or another.

Not only did it mesmerize all of the attendees at Market, all of us vendors were in love with it too. I can't tell you how many people would just instinctively walk up and start petting the fabrics. Some were so in love with the fuzzy pink stuff covering the poles for the booth I watched a lady play with it for quite awhile!
But alas, I'm home and getting back to normal. Everything is unpacked, orders have been sent out and the Seamingly Scrappy Trunk Show is on the road (more on that later). I'm sorry I don't have more to share, but I'm not too worried because as I said, it means I was busy!

However, if you were at Market and have anything you'd like to share, please e-mail me at RubyBlueQuilts (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be more than glad to share it on here!

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  1. Sounds like it was a GREAT Market! Wish I could go sometime. If it is ever near St.Louis, look me up for helping you.


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