I'm Stranded on a Mysterious Island!!!

Guess I should consider myself lucky that I seem to be stranded with a good bunch of people and this island has power and all of the Moda fabric you could ask for!

Head on over to the Moda blog (click here) to see what notions I chose to take with me and my one special request :)

Now thinking of this kind of tropical paradise makes me think of my days spent here:
 Which just so happens to be where a cruise ship is stuck at this moment (St. Maarten)
 But if I were stranded here watching these planes land, I'd be just fine with that.
 Did I mention I also had the BEST PIZZA EVER here?! It's the shrimp & garlic pizza at the Sunset Bar & Grill at the end of Maho Beach. Try it, it's sooooooo good.
 Here would be nice, St. Thomas was nice.
 We spent our day here at a resort...
Surrounded by ocean, awesome pools and iguanas (don't worry it's really cool and not scary). Any of these places seem really good right about now seeing as I'm typing this drinking coffee to get warm while I'm in my fleece pants, slippers and really warm hoodies since it's only in the 20's outside right now....

And to think earlier this week I actually drove with the sun roof open on my car... But that's Northeast Ohio for ya!

So, where would you choose to be stranded if you could choose and have all the fabric and notions you wanted?


  1. I've been to St. Thomas and I know I could be very happy stranded there.

  2. Anywhere warm! I am no to picky at the moment.


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