I did finish something!

I completely forgot! The very first thing that came out of my box of goodies at retreat was my block for our Guild raffle quilt:
 Our finished blocks are due at our next meeting and I didn't want to forget to do it until the last minute, so this was the first thing I tackled at retreat and sadly the only thing I finished :(

But I'm hoping to sew more this weekend, so that should make up for it!

I also wanted to show you what our parameters for this years Guild Challenge is. (Does that sentence even make sense? If not, sorry!) This year for our Challenge quilt, we all had to reach into a container and blindly pick out a box label. Here's what I got:
Depending on the label you chose, you then have to create a quilt using any technique that uses atleast 3 of the colors from your label. Your quilt can be any size between 12" x 14" and up to 40" square. I really like this challenge and I already have an idea in mind. It's a pattern I've admired and wanted to try for some time now, but never really had a reason to actually do it.

I'll fill you in more as I go, but all I'm giving away right now is incorporating old denim into the design. I think it should work!

Are you working on anything fun this weekend?

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