Machine Quilting: Dragon Star

Like many of the quilts you've seen lately on here, this quilt is another Judy Niemeyer design. Marge made this Dragon Star and I just love the colors she chose.
 This quilt actually puzzled me because it didn't give me much direction to go off of like others have. While there are some fabrics with prints used, the print is masked so well it didn't give the inspiration I was looking for.
 So instead I turned to the quilt design and blended traditional styling with creative elements.
 It's always a challenge to work with thin spikes like this to get the design to work with the rest of the quilting, but this was a new idea I came up with and I like it!
 I blended a couple line dancing effects to create this design in the flying geese.
 And magically it all came together!
 Marge asked for something special in the corner areas. Since it has a unique shape, I was able to blend a few designs to fill the space while adding a traditional flair, but just in the corners.
All in all it came together and the lighting was just right to get the perfect shot of the back of the quilt. One of my favorite moments while working on a quilt is actually after the quilting is done and seeing the back of the quilt. You can see the quilting in a completely different sense. There's no seams or colors to alter your view and it's just a raw moment of art.

Thank you so much, Marge! Your quilts are so much fun to work on and I love your color choices.


  1. Stunning quilting. You are so talented. Wish I could come up with ideas like you do, but then I'd probably not be able to stitch them on the quilt.


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