Machine Quilting: Alaskan Adventure!

I don't think there is any region that specifically creates memory quilts like the Alaskan frontier. Darlene and her friend both picked up quilt kits on their travels up north and asked me to quilt them up.
 This first quilt is actually loaded onto the machine sideways.
 With the floral prints, you really can't see the quilting, but I was asked to do something a little special in the "sashing".
I mirrored that same detail in the small border which really tied in the swirls. If you look closely, you can see the floral prints are quilted, it just really hard to see. 
 The next quilt took a panel and made this amazing photo album complete with the Northern Lights as the border.
 Each panel got just enough quilting to hold it in place with different swirls in each other area.
 The different swirls make the whole quilt work together while making each area distinct.
 The last quilt was an Alaskan scene through a window pane.
 The two border fabrics were each quilted differently, while the panel was then quilted just enough filling in and around the scenes in each frame.
Do you have a memory quilt from anywhere you've traveled? I can say I do not, but then again I haven't been privileged enough to find a fabric shop while on vacation.

Thanks ladies for letting me quilt these for you! Seeing these quilts makes me want to hop on a plane to hop on a boat and see Alaska again. Maybe once it's warmer, like ALOT warmer...

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  1. Living in Alaska is an adventure. Couldn't help but laugh at you ALOT warmer comment since it was -56 at my house last week!! Love the Alaska themed quilts!


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