Snowy Squirrels

So sorry for all of the squirrel posts, but I can't get enough of these critters. This will be the last of these posts for awhile as the horizons have many quilt updates ahead.

The snow has started to fall and has been sticking around which means the squirrels feel the need to eat even more for just a bit more insulation for the winter months (or so they think, I have news for them!). But on an even happier note, we have squirrels living in the knot of our tree again!
 So if you've been following my squirrel journey, their girths (is that really a word? Oh well) well, their girths have been growing and growing and I've never seen squirrels this large since we've lived here. Last year we barely had any snow and we had skinny squirrels. They had access to the same foods our squirrels have this year so I'm thinking we're going to get nailed with snow this year. So far it's been true.
 You really can't see it from this angle, but of course as soon as I grabbed the camera he moved. The squirrels now sitting like this are WIDER by at least an inch or two than the corn!!! I just took these pictures a few days ago and either we're going to be having lots of babies come Spring or they're really packing on the insulation...
 As I was watching this one it went up to the knot...
 Peeked in and...
 Another one peeked out too! I love it when they live in my tree. We can see this knot in this tree from any window on the back of our house.
 Then is was time to get in from the cold.
 And this is one of my favorite squirrel scenes.
 This knot is just above the compressed corn feeder. It's really deceiving to your perception. When I look outside the corn feeder looks like a few feet off the ground and the knot is maybe six or seven feet high. The corn feeder is really almost eye level with me and the knot is more like ten or twelve feet up.
 But they still poke out from time to time.
Or come out and sit with all of their insulated fluff looking so stinkin' cute! Even this one's pose makes you feel how cold it is outside now. I love how when they sit like this they fold in their arms to stay warm!

So as promised those were more of my squirrels but I'm going to try to show more quilt related things and less critters for a bit (maybe until we have babies in the Spring time?). At my mini retreat with the girls the other day I was able to get a few things accomplished and I have more quilts to show that I've been working on. I also have a few Back to Basics topics to discuss and maybe a recipe or tutorial or two to share. There's all sorts of wonderful happening here! Hope all is well with you and I'll be back with more soon!


  1. I LOVE your squirrel stories. My hubby put a corn feeder up on the tree outside my sewing room window last year. I've gotten distracted from stitching more than a few times by watching their antics...and the bits they drop attract all sorts of birds to the ground under the tree. This spring, we're installing a little birdbath, too...so I'll never get any quilting done!

  2. The squirrel photos are so fun! Thanks for sharing them. We don't have any squirrels outside our window -- so I'm focused on the geese right now. Looking forward to your quilting posts :-)

  3. I also love your squirrels! They are so stinkin' cute. We have squirrels too, but no snow. We live in California near SF. Get lots of rain and have had several days of morning frost and freezing temperatures lately. My squirrels squrry down to our fountain to drink, eat the nuts from the trees on the ground and generally drive my 3 dogs bonkers. Keep the pictures coming. They make me smile!


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