Machine Quilting: Glacier Star #1

If you noticed this is Glacier Star #1 because there will be more to follow! Stay tuned for those!
 Isn't this just gorgeous?! Marge made this and switched up the colors from the normal version. Most versions have the darker colors as the feathers on the center star and lighter backgrounds. Her color choices are amazing.
 When I first looked at it I immediately though "Fire & Ice". The feathers on the star reminded me of icicles and it had a very rustic yet organic quality to it. I swirled the background of the center star like the wind draft coming off of the circling geese...
 And as you can see I quilted the feathers to look like icicles (which I'm getting super fond of right about now).
I love how all of these small components of this quilt came together. 

 But all of this started with the fire, and here it appears outside of these starbursts between the larger star points. (this was my favorite part to quilt :)
 I took this picture as I was almost done with the quilt top. I love watching how the quilt evolves as the top gets quilted, but sometimes seeing the back is just as fun. I saw this and got soooo excited to finish it up.
And here it is again all finished. I love this quilt! Marge did a great job and this is absolutely beautiful.

This pattern is the Glacier Star by Judy Niemeyer (Quiltworx). Marge made the smaller size so this quilt finished at 60" x 60". There are extensions available to make this quilt larger (90" x 90") and I will be showing you what it looks like with the extensions later this week. Just be prepared, this quilt and the next one I show you will not look ANYTHING like the same quilt. This quilt like the others I'll be showing you were made at a class offered at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon, OH. To see what other classes they have planned, check out the Class listing here.

Thanks, Marge! This quilt is amazing and I'm so glad you let me quilt it for you!


  1. Love this quilt and your quilting on it hit the mark! Just stunning!!!!! Don't you love it when the quilt talks to you and tells you how it wants to be quilted??? AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Kudos to the quilt maker, quilter and Cottonpicker's. What a dynamic trio!! Sure.......have all this fun after I moved out of state! Sandy G.


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