Machine Quilting: Glacier Star #2

Now, prepare yourself for this one:

1. It's large - this quilt was made with the extensions so it finishes at 90" x 90"
2. It's very colorful - take one look at the pictures and you'll see
3. Be amazed - yes this is the same pattern I showed you here
 In the larger version, the original quilt is spun and put on point in the center of the quilt. This picture was before I even loaded it onto the machine. I really had to plan how to quilt each of these to emphasize the feel of the design with the fabrics used and make each one unique, so for this particular quilt we went more floral and curly.
This quilt was doused with waves and curls and loops. Anything else would have lost the playful feel for this quilt. It's so playful and fun. 
 Here's another shot of the opposite corner with a little more detail in the flying geese.
 This quilt is very purple and the center is unique compared to the other Glacier Stars that I have seen being made in my neck of the woods. Mary made the center of the snowflake the same color as her background which gives a completely different look. That and she made the points of the stars pop with three other fabrics and their placement.
Here's the detail in the center of the snowflake, I tried to mimic the quilting that surrounded the snowflake itself. 

In the other areas I alternated curls and waves. Sometimes the best plan is to keep it simple with just a few designs and not overwhelm the quilt with 50 different patterns. 
 And finally here it is complete! This is going to be Mary's first ever entry into the Lake Farmpark Quilt Show! So you know what that means by now, from mid February to almost the end of March you can view this quilt as well as about 200 more on display in Kirtland, OH. I'll keep you posted on how this quilt as well as the other entries I've shared with you do in the show.

Thanks Mary! You did an amazing job and you have a stunning quilt to show for all your hard work! So, what are you making next? (hehehehe, just kidding)

So I'm curious to know, if I didn't say anything, would you have known that this quilt and Marge's are the same pattern? Let me know!


  1. Wow! Stunning quilt and pictures. And amazing quilting!

  2. Yes, but I love Glacier Star! The center star points are the same and those lovely curved flying geese. Oh, and the star bursts around the center are the same. I really love these quilts!


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