The prep begins

So far this morning I have made some brown sugar herb butter for roasted root veggies later this week and a cranberry salad with jello that I'm hoping is setting up as we speak. Jello and I don't exactly have the best track record...

Aside from that I have been quilting up a storm for many Christmas decorations or gifts for others but I do have some other projects I will be able to show you later this week.

On a small side note, my awesome publisher, Martingale, sent me a message and said I could share the good news with you. They're having a sale, 50% off everything!
I know the picture says Friday through Monday, but here's the big secret - it really starts on Thursday! So if you need a little 'me' time and need a break from the kitchen or whatever, hop online and shop.

Other good news is that Seamingly Scrappy is now available to view on ShopMartingale.com too! To see the page with views of all 10 projects of the book, click here! It's not ready for PreOrder yet, but I will be posting it in my shop very soon to PreOrder your own signed copy! Yahoo! Well, I'm really excited...

Alright, gotta run and finish more quilts to stay on track. Back with more soon! Have a great holiday! Stay safe and try not to eat too much! I'm going to try... We'll see how it goes!

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